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Splinters Baseball Philosophy

The methods and techniques Splinters Baseball teaches have been derived from our instructor’s experiences, as players and coaches, from little league level through the college level. Splinters Baseball also seeks out the best baseball minds from across the country to enhance and remain up to date on the techniques we teach. Learn more.

I have two boys who have had the privilege of taking lessons from both Josh and Edd Eaton of Splinters Baseball. Both men have a vast knowledge and love of the game. This enables them to teach kids with kindness, patience and determination to advance their baseball skills. Pitching, batting, fielding, catching, and running bases they can teach it all. Always adding to their repertoire of skills and drills keeps the kids focused. They have been great for my kids and would recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their baseball skills.
Go Splinters!

- Hugh Walker

Splinters Baseball objectives

  1. Peer mentorship
  2. Enhance athleticism
  3. Increase core strength
  4. Encourage team concepts
  5. Develop community pride

Peer Mentorship

Learn how to effectively relate to peers = How to accomplish more as a team = Team wins more games, players have a skill set that will benefit them for life = Players learn to lead others, Leadership is an “in demand” asset

Enhance Athleticism

Make more plays = See more playing time = Draw more attention from coaches/ scouts = Scholarship, headlines, play longer = College scholarships. Pro drafts

Increase core strength

Develop more stamina and endurance = Play to your maximum potential regularly while others fatigue = Increase playing time, get more attention from coaches/ scouts = Get noticed by coaches, scouts = College education, get drafted

Encourage team concepts

Play better as a team, win more games = Carry team idea into other aspects of life, have better relationships = Better relationships increase happiness = Happiness improves quality of life

Develop Community pride

Awareness of conditions of our community = Clean up, Keep it clean, Influence others = Look ways to help others, be helped by others = A community full of people helping everyone = a GREAT community